The department of Economics at SNU currently offers a B.Sc.(Research) in Economics and a minor in Economics to students majoring in other disciplines. Our B.Sc.(Research) in Economics program is unique in India. The undergraduate program attempts to develop a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts in Economics. The faculty members are active researchers in their respective fields and are extremely committed to teaching not only through class lectures but also through regular office hours. To the extent possible, courses include independent research components in the form of term papers, presentations among others. The aim is to produce students who are ready for opportunities in the market: be it jobs in the corporate sector, public sector, non-governmental/social sector or a desire to pursue higher studies in Economics or related disciplines.

The B.Sc. (Research) degree in Economics combines rigor in training with flexibility in the choice of courses. The program covers core courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics in addition to foundation courses in Statistics and Mathematics. For electives the students can choose from a broad range of courses like economic development, international trade, health economics, labour economics, money and banking, industrial organization among others. In the final year, students work with a faculty member on their undergraduate thesis. Each major student is assigned to a faculty adviser to offer academic advise throughout the length of the program. Our B.Sc.(Research) in Economics degree is designed to be comparable to internationally acclaimed programs and combines rigour in training with flexibility in choice. In addition to the major program we offer a minor in Economics. This is intended for those undergraduate students who are interested in Economics but do not necessarily want to major in it. 

Undergraduate admissions: The undergraduate admissions are based on both class 12 marks (which determines the eligibility of students to apply) and the performance of the students in Shiv Nadar University Scholastic Aptitude Test (SNUSAT) and Academic Proficiency Test (APT). Please note that students seeking admission in the Economics program must have Mathematics as a subject in class 12. For details please refer to the undergraduate admissions section.  

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