Undergraduate Advising

The Department of Economics assigns an Academic Adviser for each student in the department. The Academic Adviser is a faculty member of the department who mentors the student for the entire period of the student's residence at SNU. The academic advisers meet the advisees at regular intervals over the course of the academic year to discuss the students' academic progress, to help them plan their courses and advise them on any issues they may face managing their academic life on campus.

The students' may also take appointments with their academic advisers in between semesters if they find the need to consult them on any issue pertaining to their academics. The advisees are expected to keep their academic advisers informed about their academic progress and any other matter pertaining to their academic performance. For most students joining SNU, this is their first experience of a residential campus away from home. To make this transition smoother and to help their scholarship progress with ease, this system of advising plays a very important role in helping the students to flourish, achieve their full potential and to become responsible young adults.