Areas of Research

The faculty members in the Economics Department pursue complex and impactful research that gets published in the best international journals. We can classify research output of faculty members in two dimensions – disciplinary areas in economics and thematically.

In terms of disciplinary areas, our core strength lies in three fields, economic theory, macroeconomics, and applied economics. Faculty members in economic theory uses abstraction to think through complex problems that plagues our society and the discipline. The faculty members in the department who work in the area of macroeconomics, focuses on the aggregate outcome of the economy. They combine theoretical models (mostly dynamic general equilibrium models) and data to understand the interaction between the various aspects of the economy, like fiscal policy, shocks to the economy, government policy, etc., to look at economic dynamics. In applied economics, faculty members use sophisticated statistical and econometric techniques and varied datasets to address questions that are enhance our understanding of the working of the society and the society itself.

The thematic areas the department faculty members engage in are contextual and are shaped by the challenges we are currently facing or are likely to face in the near future. Our faculty members have the agility and the flexibility to change their research agenda as they feel necessary with changing time, and the caliber and technical capability of the highest order to address those changes.

Our faculty members regularly participate in some of the best conferences across the world and their papers are well cited. Their opinion pieces and editorials are published in reputed dailies in the countries.

The Department also has also established a strong Ph.D. program. We have a small but capable set of graduate students. The papers of the more advanced graduate students are often accepted in good conferences. Some students have also received revise and resubmit in top field journals. We expect our first PhD student will graduate within this academic year.