Placements - Master of Science in Economics

The placement cell for the Department of Economics, Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR is a student-driven cell under the guidance of the faculty member Dr. Arka Roy Chaudhuri. The cell aims to provide the students of the Economics department with more opportunities with respect to internships and placements, closely associated with the Career Development Center (CDC), Shiv Nadar University. The members of the placement cell understand its importance and work for the best possible opportunities. In this competitive corporate world, there is a need for connection and networking. The interface between the companies and students helps in mapping the student’s interests with the company’s requirements.

The cell believes in building connections and relations with companies looking for various roles for the students of Economics. The placement brochure for the academic year 2021-22 is attached here, and the LinkedIn page is here for your reference.

Placement Head

1. Dr. Arka Roy Chaudhari
Email id:
Phone Number: 8826183798

2. Jai Pareek
Email Id:
Phone Number: 8302124435

Placement Coordinators

1. Divya Verma 
Email id:
Phone Number: 9560684448

2. Mehak Khatter
Email id:
Phone Number: 8076148823

3. Mrinnal Karan
Email id:
Phone Number : 7979745361

4. Naveen Hari
Email id:
Phone Number: 7907609339

5. Shreya Manocha
Email id:
Phone Number : 8010803350

6. Vanshika Pahuja
Email id:
Phone Number: 9871024023

Students placed

Shreya Manocha - Futures First