Dr. Ram
Associate Professor
Department of Economics
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)
Block-E, Shiv Nadar University
Greater Noida Uttar Pradesh
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Profile Summary 

Dr. Ram Ranjan is resource economist with interests in water scarcity management, biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation responses.  A unifying theme for his recent work has been managing risks through mitigation and adaptation measures as well as understanding how changes in natural environments create complex feedbacks in inter-linked human, ecological and economic systems.  Some of Ram’s current work has been towards modelling the optimal management of socio-economic and ecological systems exhibiting non-linear dynamics and endogenous risks. 

Examples include, understanding how aquatic systems respond to multiple stressors, threats to endangered biodiversity from invasive species and human activities, how farmers adapt to prolonged water scarcity through seeking alternative occupations, determinants of entrepreneurial ventures and success rates, quantifying and modelling resilience of water starved farmers, determinants and success of collective action in groundwater management, impact of climate induced salinity level rise on livelihood choices, REDD and REDD+ programs, and payments for ecosystem services.

Educational Qualifications 
Penn State University
Doctor of Philosophy (Environmental Economics)
Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University
Master of Arts (Economics)
Delhi University
Bachelor of Arts (Economics) (Honours)
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics

Scholarly Activity

Select Publications: (since 2016)

  • Ranjan, R. (2019): A simulation modeling of forest water supply under community-managed PES schemes, Water Economics and Policy.
  • Ranjan, R. (2019): Deriving Double Dividends through Linking PES to Environmental Entrepreneurship: The Case of  Lantana camaraEcological Economics.
  • Ranjan, R. (2019): A forestry-based PES mechanism for enhancing the sustainability of Chilika Lake through reduced siltation loading, Forest Policy and Economics.
  • Ranjan, R. (2019): Combining carbon pricing with LPG subsidy for promoting preservation and restoration of Uttarakhand forests, Journal of Environmental Management.
  • Ranjan, R. (2019): Assessing the Impact of Mining on Deforestation in India, Resources Policy
  • Ranjan, R. (2019): Optimal Mangrove Restoration...on Coastal Lands Facing Climatic Risks: The Case of Sundarbans Region in India. Land Use Policy.
  • Ranjan, R. (2019): How Socio-Economic and Natural Resource Inequality Impedes Entrepreneurial Ventures of Farmers in Rural India, European Journal of Development Research.
  • Ji, Y. and Ranjan, R. (2019): A Global Climate-Economy Model Including the REDD Option, Journal of Environmental Management.
  • Ranjan, R. (2018): Protecting endemic species from African Catfish invasion when community behavioral responses get in the way, PLoS ONE.
  • Ranjan, R. (2018): Shooting at the poachers while the rhinos drown..., Natural Resource Modeling
  • Ranjan, R. (2018): What drives forest degradation in the central Himalayas? dynamics between forest institutions and species composition of forests, Forest Policy and Economics
  • Ranjan, R. (2018): The Role of Political-Industry Nexus in Promoting Illegal Extraction of Mineral Resources and Deforestation: A Case of Iron Ore Mining in Goa, Resources Policy.
  • Anik, A. R., Ranjan, R., Ranganathan, T. (2018): Estimating the Impact of Salinity Stress on Livelihood Choices and Incomes in Rural Bangladesh, Journal of International Development.
  • Ranganathan, T., Ranjan, R. and Pradhan, D. (2018): Water scarcity and livelihoods in Bihar and West Bengal, India, Oxford Development Studies.
  • Ji, Y., R. Ranjan and C. Truong (2018): Determinants of illegal logging in Indonesia: an empirical analysis for the period 1996-2010, Journal of Sustainable Forestry.
  • Ranjan, R. (2017): Challenges to Farm Produce Marketing: A Model of Bargaining between Farmers and Middlemen under Risk, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.
  • Ranjan, R. (2017): Preserving ecologically sensitive hotspots under endogenous regulation and valuation constraints, Natural Resource Modeling.
  • Ranjan, R. (2017): Wildlife Crime Monitoring and Deterrence in Presence of Endogenous Community Cooperation, Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy.
  • Ranjan, R. (2017): Bargaining Among Farmers, Goodwill, and the Success of Cooperatives, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics
  • Ranjan, R. (2017): Tuskers, Tasty Crops and the Forest Tribes in Between..., J. Env. Econ. and Policy.
  • Ranjan, R. and J.S. Shortle (2017): Protecting and Restoring Aquatic Ecosystems in Multiple Stressor Environments, Water Economics and Policy.
  • Ji, Y., R. Ranjan and M. Burton (2017): ...Factors Affecting...Adoption of Soil Carbon Sequestration Technology in Rural China, J. Env. Econ. and Policy.
  • Ranjan, R. (2016): Human-Tiger Conflicts, Human Capital Outcomes...and the Sustainability of Tiger Habitats, Human Ecology.
  • Pradhan, D. and R. Ranjan (2016): Sustainability and Development through Collective Action? ... Impact of Bore Pool Sharing..., World Development.