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The Ph.D. program in economics is a full time program. Areas of research for current faculty members include Development Economics, Economic Growth, Environmental Economics, Game Theory and Information Economics, Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Political Economy, and Public Economics.

Eligibility: Prospective candidates must have obtained at least 55% in aggregate in a post- graduate degree in any discipline. Candidates will be selected based on their performance in the admission process (subject to the minimum eligibility condition being met). Applicants who are shortlisted following the first stage of the screening process are given a written test and interviewed. The written test and the interview will test the knowledge and thinking ability of the candidate in the following areas:

Microeconomics: Preference Relations, Choice Rules, Weak Axiom of Revealed Preference, Utility Representation of Preferences, Utility maximisation, Expenditure minimisation, Aggregation of individual demand, Production Sets, Profit maximisation, Cost minimisation, Choice under uncertainty, Game theory and strategic interaction and applications (equilibrium concepts for normal form games, extensive form games, games of incomplete information)

Macroeconomics: Neoclassical growth model – Solow model, Dynamic optimisation, Micro-foundations of dynamic macroeconomic model – consumption as consumer’s optimisation problem, investment as firm’s optimisation problem, fiscal policy and Ricardian equivalence, monetary policy (classical dichotomy and money non-neutrality)

Statistics and Econometrics: Probability theory, Statistical Inference, Linear Regression Models and Least Squares, Heteroskedasticity, Multicollinearity, Misspecified models, Endogeneity and Instrumental Variables, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Binary Choice Models: Probit and Logit.

Mathematical Economics: Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Concave-convex functions, Optimisation at a level that is appropriate for post-graduate economics

A Student with a Masters degree in economics from the Shiv Nadar University can directly move to the Ph.D. program if he /she holds a CGPA of 7 at the end of the third semester, has as recommendations from at least two faculty members from the department, has passed all courses at the time of admission and cleared the admission test for internal candidates. The eligibility criteria mentioned above are minimum standards and applications not meeting the same will be summarily rejected. Short-listed candidates will be required to demonstrate their knowledge through an on-site written test and a subsequent interview with the department faculty. Selections will be based on past academic performance, written examination and/or interview. Please note that not all candidate meeting the minimum eligibility criteria may be shortlisted.

Ph.D. students are required to do coursework for two years. The first year coursework includes compulsory courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Economics and Econometrics. Students have to write a comprehensive exam at the end of the first year. Every student will be allowed a maximum of two attempts to clear the comprehensive exam. The second-year includes courses in the students' chosen area of specialization. Graduate students have to choose their area of specialization and thesis supervisor by the end of the first year. The student chooses his/her second-year courses based on the suggestions of the thesis supervisor. Students have the option of writing their comprehensive exams at the beginning of the first year and move directly to second year coursework.

Important Dates

Last date for the receipt of completed application form & application fee: June 19, 2022

Screening Test: July 03, 2022

Onsite Exam/Interview: July 17 - 18 2022
Declaration of Results: July 22, 2022

Fee payment deadline: July 26, 2022

Applications will be considered as and when received and shortlisted candidates will benotified by email well in advance so that they can plan their travel. Hence, candidates are urged to apply as early as possible.