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Behavioral Economics Workshop

The Economics Society in collaboration with BEAST (Behavioural Economics and Science Team), a Warwick University student's initiative, held a workshop in September 2020 on the concept of "Behavioural Economics and nudge theory". It was done to enhance the decision making among students and make them able to understand the science behind their choice architectures. Students were involved in a small experiment to demonstrate and explain the key concepts.

Economía Del Cartel

As a part of the Annual online fest of Shiv Nadar University "Kaze", Economics society organised this game event. It welcomed the students from different colleges and universities, to form a cartel of their own and be a part of the underworld trade wars. Cartels were to trade between three goods, mainly Drugs, guns and alcohol while different situations were created in every round.

Panel Discussion

A panel discussion on the topic "Healthcare in the face of a pandemic" was held in October 2020, by our distinguished panelists Dr. Rohini Somanathan, professor of Health Economics at Delhi School of Economics, Dr. Aparajita Dasgupta, professor of Health Economics at Ashoka University and Mr. Gopal Agrawal, director of Market Access, Public Affairs and Patient Services. The discussion was moderated by Ms. Diksha Jha, PhD student in the Department of Economics. The discussion aimed at answering the questions surrounding the current state of healthcare in India for the patients as well as for the system as a whole. The event was quite insightful and saw good participation by students across different departments.



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