Departmental Society

The Economics Society of SNU is a student organization that comprises of students from all branches who are interested in Economics and creates a platform where they can share their views about ongoing issues. Not only this, we facilitate, support and organize events and conversations about the economic, political and social matters and hold talks, discussion sessions, workshops, competitions and screen various documentaries apart from organising an annual economics fest. All this is done to promote acitve participation and a healthy exchange of ideas. The society as a whole tries to provide a platform for the entire SNU family to ponder over the economic affairs in a safe space, thereby providing the students to learn from their faculty, seniors and peers.

Our recruitment process is a way to engage with our peers and see how they can contribute to the society and how we can help them grow. Once a year the application forms are released and on the basis of that candidates are shortlisted. The application form includes questions pertaining to why they want to be a part of it and a sample of how they can help. After this an interview session is held with at least four members of the Core and the final decision is made. Beyond this, the selected candidates are introduced to the three sub societies; Research and Content, Logistics, and Social Media and Marketing; and they choose one which they would like to work in.